Club Rules


  1. No member shall put the club into debt ie purchase anything for Club without first obtaining permission from the Committee.

  2. Members will only be able to nominate and second a maximum of two members to serve on the committee. Only one member of a family may serve on the committee at any one time.

  3. Membership fees due 1 May must be paid no later than 30th June of that year. Any member who fails to pay the membership fee by 30th June shall be deemed to have resigned with effect from that date.

  4. All members on joining the club must complete a membership and medical form in order to participate in any club functions ie away games, club evenings etc. The Secretary will give members their forms annually when fees are due, for resigning and checking that their details are still correct, updating them as required.

  5. When on club duty (away games, visits to other clubs etc) members will be expected to uphold the good name of GADSAD. Members who withdraw from participating in an away game at short notice without any plausible reason will be required to pay the bus fare.

  6. Misconduct by any member at club meetings or any other event, deemed to be unsatisfactory may lead to a warning about future behaviour or in extreme cases membership will be withdrawn.

  7. No member or member's chaperon shall cause distress to another member. This is to include either physical or verbal abuse. If this happens the member concerned will be asked to leave the meeting or if found to be of significant abuse. Will be removed from the club's meetings permanently.

  8. Any serious complaints should be put in writing and signed, using the complaints form and envelop provided; then handed to Committee Member for further action by the Committee.

  9. None of the Club's Equipment/Accessories is to be loaned out to individuals or other clubs unless it helps the furtherance of GADSAD.

  10. Any wilful damage to Club equipment or property will result in the member concerned being asked to pay for repair or replacement and membership withdrawn.

  11. All entrances to the Club to be kept clear at all times.

  12. Junior members should remain inside building during club activities unless accompanied by an adult.

  13. Minutes of meetings will not be discussed outside committee meetings, until approved by the Committee, signed and place on the Club's Notice Board.

  14. No dogs are allowed in the Club, with the exception of guide and working dogs.

  15. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area outside.

  16. All club members will abide by the club's constitution. Copy on club notice board.

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